Paul Rudd Shared Some Anti-Aging Skincare Secrets With Elizabeth Olsen

Wanda Maximoff went through the emotional wringer in the recently concluded Disney+ series WandaVision. First, she took refuge from her many losses by creating her own bubble reality, complete with her true love Vision and twin sons. Then, she was forced to give them up too, all while battling an ancient sorceress and coming to terms with what it meant to be the fabled “Scarlet Witch.”

But while the show’s final few episodes featured depression hoodies aplenty, and series lead Elizabeth Olsen acted the hell out of the many, many traumatic moments inflicted on her character, it’s safe to say her skin remained flawless throughout. (Unless you’re counting that brief CGI ageing effect from the finale).

It turns out, Olsen has gleaned a couple of skincare gems from her MCU co-stars, most notably the ageless Paul Rudd.

In a “get ready with me” tutorial video for the makeup brand Bobbi Brown back in 2019, Olsen shared that wisdom with viewers, starting with the best way to apply corrector to cover up eye bags—something every superhero should know how to do, because when do any of them have time to sleep? “I just kind of tap it on with my fourth finger, because apparently it’s the weakest finger on your hand, and the eyes are very sensitive,” she explained. “And I think I learned that from either Paul Rudd or Mark Ruffalo.”

Olsen went on to add, probably in jest, that Rudd also taught her the best way to put on rouge. “You just put a little bit on, and you blend it in on the apples of your cheeks. Something I learned from Paul Rudd.”

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It’s a running joke in Hollywood at this point that Paul Rudd doesn’t age; at 51 years old, he has changed incredibly little since starring in 1995’s Clueless. And while the Ant-Man star has yet to drop a comprehensive skincare routine, he has spoken about how he is a big believer in wearing sunscreen, and that he tends to give up alcohol and “anything fun” in order to be in the best shape possible while filming for the Ant-Man and Avengers movies.

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