This 30-Day Fitness Challenge Will Sculpt Your Body From Head To Toe

Ready to commit to your fitness RN? Enter the 30-day fitness challenge. There isn’t a magic potion that makes hitting the gym as addictive as binging Netflix, but this type of routine comes pretty darn close. It definitely takes hard work, but you can have a ton of fun getting real results.

“The key is to be consistent with your practice,” says Charlee Atkins, CSCS, creator of Le Sweat app. “That’s the only ‘secret.’” This month-long fitness program makes working out another serotonin-filled habit of your daily schedule (and one that’s more productive than TV time).

By committing to an exercise routine daily for a four to five-week period of the 30-day challenge, you’re teaching your body a new groove and creating a new habit. Science says so. When you consistently hit your sessions, the activity is more likely to become a lasting habit, per an NIH study. So, set a time, pick the place, and grab your mat when embarking on this challenge for results (and active habits) that’ll last beyond the 30 days.

If you’re interested in giving it a shot, we’ve got you covered. This 30-day fitness challenge was designed by Charlee Atkins, a certified personal trainer and founder of Le Sweat. The workouts are each 20 minutes long, and you can access follow-along videos via the All/Out Studio fitness app. Plus, the challenge is customizable for all fitness levels.

Customize The 30-Day Challenge

“If you’ve already got a solid workout routine going, lean into the dumbbell workouts and focus on increasing your weight throughout the 30 days,” Atkins says. “If you’re a complete beginner, I recommend starting with the bodyweight workouts and making sure you really nail those before moving onto the weighted workouts on the days you feel stronger.”

As for the results you can expect from this particular challenge, you should be able to do more reps over the course of the month, which is a sign your fitness level is increasing, according to Atkins. Plus, it’s likely you’ll notice some muscle definition and higher energy levels.

The calendar below will help you to keep track of your workout schedule, as well as the mini goals to target each week. In week one, you’ll aim for good form on each move. Increase your rep count in week two, and shake things up with a new type of cross-training in week three. In week four, try the weighted workouts (or pump up the amount of weight you were already using). As for week five, just finish strong!

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